organisational development

What is Organisational Development? OD is a all about improving the health and effectiveness of  businesses and organisations.

The meetings facilitated by  Sarah, which inform our board level decisions, have produced insights which have helped us discern future strategies, tactics and plans, as well as building us as an organisation and a team. They continue to have a very positive impact on us as an organisation. We find these regular sessions very valuable.
— Geoff,  Director of Award- Winning Digital Solutions Organisation, City of London 



  • Developing vision,  strengths, culture and effective working of an Organisation

  • Developing fresh direction,  strategies, tactics and plans

  •  Getting the right people into the right place through assisting  with hiring, interviewing and staffing reviews. 

  • Supporting staff through Organisational change

  • Leadership development 

  • Staff wellbeing

  • Accessing creativity and innovative thinking

Ways of doing this:         

  • Coaching Lead Directors and Team 

  • Interviewing             

  • Meeting facilitations 

  • Workshops

O.D. work can be invaluable to leaders because it gives a supportive relational framework to aid the health and effectiveness of the organisation, and stimulates fresh or improved approaches and processes to help aid the establishment of their vision. Whilst supporting the dynamics of changes initiated.

As with life coaching, there are many tools and approaches to OD work that are dependent upon the client, their brief, size, budget, and focus. 

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