Sarah Wren


As a professional Life Coach and Organisational Developer, I am passionate about people and organisations becoming all they are designed to be and being great! I believe everyone has a unique and extraordinary purpose, place and potential in life and work.

My work over the last 20 years has had a strong focus on unearthing destiny and purpose  in people and organisationsI have helped them turn visions and  into reality. People, businesses and organisations have been enabled to find and set direction and create environments where they can thrive and not just survive!

I bring a highly-tailored, intuitive, future-focused, and professional approach to my work.

I have a particular skill in helping people understand who they authentically are and to find their right ‘fit’ and fulfilment in their lives and work.

As a business director for over 10 years, I have been a part of birthing and establishing a product and company. The company successfully sold in 2014. In my practise as a coach, I have aided many people in business start ups, as well as business direction and growth.  

I understand how to:

– effectively develop individuals and organisations by unlocking their unique strengths
– cast vision
– facilitate staff cohesion, enthusiasm and workflow
– enable staff retention through a healthy and inspiring work culture
– encourage creative strategies to enable agile responses to change for both individuals and organisations producing successful businesses and thriving individuals!

Supported by study and research: I believe wholeheartedly that their are huge benefits for leaders and organisations who invest in “creating space’ for themselves and their employees that empowers them; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

As a Christian minister and key-note speaker and trainer for conferences from small numbers up to several thousands, I have been motivating people to walk into their unique purposes and succeed in life and work for many years, influencing many hundreds of people both here in the UK and abroad. I have trained leaders in their particular fields, written training manuals and run equipping schools and workshops, at the same time running my own ministry and team.

Through my wide range of experience as well as research and study, I know the value of evaluating the whole person, and the struggles and challenges that can impact all of our lives. Everyone needs help to ride out and build with life’s significant events and transitions. Ive had a few myself! Therefore I know personally and through my ongoing work that this can be done purposefully and redemptively, and can tremendously powerful!

As a leader I understand the unique pressures and joys of leadership. I love to work alongside Director level leaders and decision makers and their teams to strengthen and encourage their vision, values, direction, and at times their hearts! For navigating the course ahead in an ever changing world can be challenging! I have worked with organisations and people from all work sectors: Businesses, Charities, Churches, and individuals.

 1-to-1 personal  life and executive coaching

Business Coaching

Organisational Development

Speaking, Training, teaching, workshops on topics such as: Finding the Gold within your Story,  Find out Who You Are and What You Are Designed to Do, Earthing Your Visions, Transformational Thinking, Stress and Anxiety Management, and Caring for Me Amongst It All, amongst others. Contact me for more information and topics.

I would love to partner with you, your business or organisations to make it  great!

I am based near Horsham West Sussex, and work globally remotely.