Each client receives a personalised, tailored coaching service based on your individual needs.

Practically this is how things work for Life, Business and Executive Coaching:

  1. Get in touch via the Contact page, or email us directly.

  2. Set up a FREE, no obligation, 20 minute phone or Skype consultation at your convenience to answer any queries you may have and to see if Sarah is the right coach for you.

  3. Book your session time with our office. At this time, you will receive New Client Forms and an invoice.

  4. Pay your invoice before your coaching session. You can do this via PayPal or BACS, and all the details you need will be included on the invoice you receive.

  5. Make sure your New Client Forms are completed and returned to us at least 48hrs before our first session together to ensure proper preparation for your coaching.

  6. Meet with Sarah either face-to-face or via Skype for your first coaching session.

  7. During the session we will set some goals, actions and tasks for you to accomplish before the next session.

  8. Together, you and Sarah can decide which service is most appropriate for your needs and how often the sessions should be. Six sessions are advised for the most successful outcomes, more are always available and we can do less. This is a process based on your needs, completely tailored to you.

  9. Then the fun starts! You start taking steps towards a better life and work!

We recommend all clients have pen and paper ready for our sessions and have their diaries ready to hand.

We look forward to working with you!