Change Your Mind To Change Your Life!

Do you want to see some kind of change in your life? Do you keep trying and trying and going round in circles? You try to implement a healthier lifestyle , be more proactive at discussions at work, motivate yourself to find better work, cut your spending, address that area of personal growth that you know is affecting your relationships, beat that low level cycle of depression that keeps sabotaging you. You rise up with all your willpower, vision for a better future, only to be thwarted and fail, again. Then you condemn yourself, feel like a failure and lousy person, and you give up. Sound familiar? Isn't it better to give up trying than to keep circling the cycle of defeat?

So often when we approach a change or a challenge in our lives their is something that emerges, like a strong undertow in a body of water that seeks to take us backwards. This is what we really think and really feel, based on the life experiences we have had. The bible says, "As a man or woman thinks in his heart so is he." Proverbs 23 vs 7.  This explains the dilemma of successful change well.What we truly think or believe about ourselves, our capabilities and capacities will affect our feelings about a certain thing, which in turn affects our behaviour. We do what we think and believe.

Those at the pioneering end of the study of the brain, neurolinguistics and the mind are concurring that we change our behaviour by changing the way that we think. This is a profound breakthrough!! Dr Caroline Leaf a re-nouned neurologist and Christian has even discovered that changing what we think can even REGENERATE THE BRAIN!!!

This offers huge scope for life transformation and healing!! In my practise, I see many clients who have struggled with areas of their lives find sustained and lasting breakthroughs as we address what they are really thinking and feeling about what they are seeking to see growth and breakthrough in.

For example, Melanie came to me feeling her whole life was in chaos. As someone whose job it is to bring administrative order not organisations this seemed strange. I often find that the things people are really gifted in and called to do, are often the very areas that they are under attack in their thinking. As we assessed her current situation this seemed true. she was drowning in debt, her house was a mess, her children had no clear structure and were not sleeping, her relationship with her partner was under pressure and she was deeply unhappy working with the boss she was.

When I asked her what went on in her thinking on a bad day, (come on now, we all have those), she answered through some tears that she thought,"I just bring chaos." What we need to understand is we all have deep routed believe systems. These have come form experiences we've had in life and the conclusions we drawn. they've come from what those in authority in our lives have spoken over us that we have believed and absorbed. They have come from life experiences that have created 'evidence' for our beliefs.

Everyone on this planet thinks negatively about themselves sometimes. We must not be condemned, or feel foolish or try to hide form the pervasive negative thoughts we have. Because there is a way of changing the game plan completely and defeating them, once we face them.

Melanie had very good reasons for what she was hearing in her mind on her bad days. Her stepmother had told her that repeatedly and as a little girl she believed her and it went deep into her. So i told her ahem I'm telling you. You can change what you believe. that in turn will change the way you see the world, and change the way you feel, which in turn will change the way you behave!! I have seen it with my clients over and over and over again!

How do you do that? Well firstly, you identify your negative thoughts and patterns. Then you replace them with the exact opposite! really, I hear you day, i cannot be that simple. it really is. Is simple, straightforward, really boring but real and effective.

Like a childless train track that runs in a loop. The brain has neurological , physical loops it constructs when  thought is replayed repeatedly be that positive or negative.Once the train ( the negative thought) starts to leave the station, we have to stop it immediately. Because once it leaves it will run round the whole loop, your emotions will follow, and you will operate out of them. In Melanie's case she felt chaotic once she began thinking all she brought was chaos, so her behaviour became chaotic , which produced, yep chaos.

So we halt the train form leaving the station and redirect it onto a different loop. We lay down positive neurological pathways. We replace it with the exact opposite. For Melanie it was"I bring order". Then I got Melanie to intentionally lay down the new train tracks every day.

The greatest news is that over time the old train tacks dissolve in the brain, and our default position becomes the positive rather than the negative, and then you know what happens, our emotions follow, and so does our behaviour! Again ancient wisdom form the scriptures rings out across the ages of truth when it says in Romans 12 vs 2 that we can be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

Melanie brought her home into order, her finances, studied and moved into new career direction. She addressed her health issues and truly changed her life by changing her thinking. You and I can too. Its not easy, its not complicated but its real, effective and it works.

Where do you need to see transformation  in your life and world. What thinking is sabotaging you? Know that all things are possible and can change. Don't shy back. Address what you think and believe truly in your heart. Find freedom to live the live you were designed to!

Make your life great you only have one! Contact me for further help or information.

Thank you for reading this post.

Sarah x