Who Are You? (Part 1)

Who are you? In an age where we are flooded with information, encouraged to specify and find our niches. In this day and age it has never been so important to understand who you are. So how would you describe yourself as a person, as a job title or role? What are your particular characteristics, skills, traits? The things that make you different to me? Or to anyone else?

We spend most of our growing up and much of our adult life trying to work out how the world works and to fit in. To be the same as everyone else. To belong. What no-one told us (or maybe you were lucky and they did), was that it is our uniqueness, our specificity will be the platform for our success and contentedness in the future.

I believe that each and every person that is on this planet, has a unique purpose for their life. Inside every child are the innate skills, gifts, personality traits and strengths that will equip them for their life’s calling. Along the way various life experiences, training and discoveries will unearth those amazing attributes, and will develop them. Someones courage and attention to detail may come forward through a legal battle, for example,a music teacher will spot a creative musical talent in their midst and seek to make a way for it. Whether your  life experiences have been good or bad, they can ultimately be used to add to your resume of “me”, and can be utilised for your ultimate good, propelling you into the place of “this is what I was put on the earth to do!”

As a Senior Professional Life Coach I learnt that my unique skill is to see quickly who people are, what their potential is, and how to reveal that to them to see them fulfil who they are called to be. It doesn’t matter if someone is called to be a brain surgeon or a mother of 5. What matters is that we all become who we are hard wired and destined to be. This will bring much contentment and fulfilment, especially if we are in the right environment and culture to support that, and not war against it.

This is especially useful when we want to find a job or change our careers. If we can do a self inventory of our skills, likes, best working conditions, working environments where we will be able to excel, as well as what we need to earn and where we need to live, we can then target and pursue those companies and occupations where we will actually succeed. Rather than be bored out of our minds, or stressed up to the eyeballs doing a job we are ill suited for.

We spend most of our live working, so finding the right cultural environment to work within is important too. If the company we work for is solely driven by financial goals, for example,and care of people is our prime motivator, chances are there’s going to be a clash and, yep, you guessed it, stress, if we don’t bring in financial goals because our main strength is caring for the welfare of the team members under our leadership. So ask yourself. What is my current working cultural environment? What would my ideal environment be or look like? Life’s too short to be bored, stressed out, or downright miserable because we haven’t worked out who we are, and how we best work.

Its is important that we know ourselves well enough to be able to see not only our weaknesses ( we could all write a quick informative list of them I bet), but also our strengths (these usually take much longer). When we know ourselves not only can we seek to place ourselves in our strength arenas in our work, but we can also being to realise that other people are genuinely different to us! They really are! They are also pursuing their purposes and place, and may function in completely different ways to you and I, in the way they communicate for example, or deal with conflict.

By helping my clients know themselves, I spend lots of my working time helping them translate themselves to those around them, and seeking to understand the needs and different working strategies of colleagues, bosses and even spouses! This translation and understanding can be life transforming as many of my clients attest to.

So spend some time reviewing and accumulating who you are in a positive and healthy way. Ask those around you who love you to bring their insights to your list. We really are fearfully and wonderfully made in so many ways. We have one life and an incredible purpose that we are designed to discover and fulfil. Lets make our lives great by understanding who we are, and where we fit best, to fulfil our lives potential, finding much fulfilment and satisfaction along the way.

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Sarah x