Hello World

Hello! My name is Sarah. I am a qualified Professional Life Coach and I run Making You Great. My goal through making this blog is to make people/my readers aware about life coaching and what it is all about. I also want to inform people about how life coaching can improve their life, and how it leads to incredible breakthroughs, and is an amazing agent for sustainable change and growth.

I want this blog to be a tool to make the amazing knowledge and information I have the privledge to hold avaliable to more people, and to allow people who want to know about life coaching to access the information with no risk of a scam or false information being given. I love my job, so this blog is another way for me to talk about it, share testimonies, and helpful life tips that just might help your life run a little more smoothly or change it altogether, who knows?

I have been running Making You Great for over a year now and I have seen visible breakthroughs in my clients’ lives through what I do. Whether they want to understand who they uniquely are and their purpose and place in life, gain vision for their lives thats outworkable, make them more managable, their buinessess more sucessful, their spiritual lives more fruitful, their bodies or relationships more healthy, their work lives more fulfilling. Or all of the above! Here's one of them:

"I came to life coaching to get some guidance and clarity about my life. The coaching sessions brought the very best out of me in every way, and my business grew as a result of it. In fact, not only my business improved but my personal life as well! I think everyone needs it." — Flo

These and the many other stories have given me a drive to expand my business and help more people. I'll be writing about topics that affect us all, such as managing stress, strategies that make life work, overcoming disabling thought patterns, identifying strengths and giftings, walking in wholeness, sucessful living not stressful living, business growth and culture, understanding leadership and teams, as well as explaining what coaching is and what it is not! How it can help you, if you have the right coach. What to know before hiring a life coach, and many other topics. If you have anything you would like me to cover in my blog, don't hesitate to comment. Maybe we'll start with what Life Coaching actually is? Do you know or is it a new concept to you? My friends in the US and Australia will be familiar, but maybe not my friends in the UK.

Feel free to check out my website and Facebook page as they have lots more information and updates on my latest activities, competitions, promotions etc. Also if you would like to have a free 20min telephone coaching taster that’s relaxed and non-salesy, feel free to contact me  through my website or Facebook. Skype makes sessions available worldwide, as my friends in New Zealand and US will attest to.

Thank you for taking time to read my blog! There will be more entries soon.

Sarah x