Finding Your Purpose (Part 1)

Have you ever had a moment in your life when you’ve felt, ‘Wow! this is what I am put on the earth to do! In this moment I feel as if everything is lining up, my gifts, passions, place and timings are just right. I’m in my thing, expressing and revealing the best of me. This is a part of who I am, and who I am called to be?’

I have had the huge privilege of knowing such moments in my own life. When I speak, teach, train and coach there is that sense of unfolding destiny, that I’m in my thing and fulfilling my purpose. And I believe that everyone can have that. It is not just for the few. Those moments might not be dramatic or public. They may involve simple domestic or routine things. The important thing is that there is that sense of ‘fit’, ‘rightness’, contentment and fulfillment. It needn’t come with a big salary attatched to it (although that’s a bonus if it does). It may not be heralded on the news! Or be spectactular in someone else’s eyes. But in those moments there’s a satisfaction, a completeness which brings quality to life, and reward for all the hard work, heavy days, the tough steps that have usually accompanied the journey.

Everyone has been divinely and innately created with gifts, purpose and destiny. Every living person is a gift to the earth whilst they are here. Everyone has gifts to give. Aristotle said, ”Where your talents and the needs of the world cross, therein lies your vocation.” And a beautiful scripture encourages us that we are “fearfully and wonderfully made”. Psalm 139

Just stop and think for a minute: What if you saw yourself as a gift, who can bless and serve others? Do you know what you bring to the table? When you walk into a room, what do the other people there receive from you? Encourgement? Clever ideas that work outside the box? A sense of safety and solidity? What have you beeen trained in that you have sucess or aptitude for? The road along our destiny may not be smooth, but operating in the  gifts we have been endowed with is easy. If you link these things up – what am I good at, or have I been good at, found relatively easy, enjoyed? And what can you contribute to the world around you. You’ve got some clues then to where your purpose may lie.

In our modern culture of perfectionism, we need to look perfect at any age, be perfect in our jobs,as husbands and wives, mothers and fathers, friends, neighbours,dog owners. There are hundreds of experts who are there to help us address the many weaknesses and flaws we all have. Most people spend a lot of time focussing on their weak areas, trying to compensate for them, exerting a huge percentage of energy on them. Which is not a bad thing to do if our weaknesses or behaviour are damaging to ourselves or other people. However, what if we turned that thinking around and focussed on what our strengths are, what we are good at? Strength Finders by Tom Rath is based on this premise, which is a tool to help people identify their strengths and abilities.

What if we  were to embrace our weaknesses, and looked around to see the strengths in those around us to help us, and reciprocally, how we can help them. Ooooh, then we’d have a healthy team thing going on! Our truthful and humble vulnerability and dependence (ouch) on the other people around our lives, who may be skilled to assist us, may create connection and community! Not only drawing out and walking in our own strengths, but appreciating and honouring the complementary strengths of those around us! Wow! Thats a concept! We need not then be competitive and fearful of others because we are not like them, or as good as them at certain things. No, we could be content in who we are, and satisfied with our contribition, and grateful for theirs!

There’s not just the obvious strengths we carry in terms of practical or academic skills and training. There’s other strength characteristics that are all signposts to our destiny. My daughter’s friend is passionate about treating old people like the person they were before they got old and unwell. She has patience and interest in them and their stories. The patience and compassion she has are  part of her unique tool kit given to her, to pursue some kind of vocation with them perhaps?

Finding your purpose isn’t rocket science, or unobtainable,or just for the few. Everyone is a gift to the world and has a purpose to walk out. I am constantly thrilled in my work and ministry to assist people come into theirs. Doing that is a part of mine, what a joy and a privilege!

I am holding group Life Coaching Workshops to help people find their purpose and uncover the gift they are to the world, and the gifts they carry inside them. The first of these is on October 17th. Contact me for more details via Facebook or my website, or feel free to contact me for a private one-to-one session.

Have a great weekend!

Sarah x