Professional Life Coaching -- What Does That Look Like?

Its great to be be able to communicate what Excellent Professional Life Coaching is, and how it can help people move into their life’s purposes and destiny, unearth gifts, skills, dreams and visions, but importantly bring life changing implementary steps and plans into place! So that the visions can actually become reality!

I've always been passionate about people coming ino their unique purposes and callings, for in that place there is  grace, wholeness and fulfilment. I have also witnessed many lives that have not reached their potential, or who have got shipwrecked along the way, when it could have been avoided.

So, Professional (that means someone has been trained professionally with an accredited body, and is skilled to a high level in their Practise)  Life Coaching is a solutions focussed profession. It can involve working out who you are, how you are uniquely skilled and wired, how you fit and work best. It will involve identifying your goals and vision for your life, overall ( want to have more peace and balance for eg) or for a particular area of life (like work, business, health, moving out of debt, eg). It is holistic in its approach, which simply means that we recognise that intiating any change in one area, say even a simple thing like initating a new health plan, will affect other areas of your life. Iit would require, time, money, possibly change of thinking, certainly changes of habits.

One of the many things I love about being a lIfe coach is that I get to be a part of someone's transformational journey. I get to see people discover, or rediscover,  who they are created to be, and what they are created to do. I get to see people rise to challenges, overcome things that have held them back from fulfiliing their potential. Which sounds all lofty and inspirational, and it is! But I love the very practical, rational, applicable step by step real down to earth process that takes place with the coaching realtionship that facilitates the changes. If a person wants to see change there's always a way. A personal unique pathway for that change and everything is possible!

" My life feels unrecognisable now as I positively work towards and attain my goals on a daily basis. Thank you, Sarah!" — Les

So a typical first life coaching session will start with some prepapration, yes some homework! Some forms to fill in to get the client thinking in the right direction and focussing. And for the coach to have time to think and prepare so that every minute of the coaching time is effective. This is not a chat with a friend to gain a bit of wisdom!

Then in every session, goals are identified. Why have you come for some life coaching? What do you want to achieve?  Grow your business, transition in your job, improve your health and fitness, see better relationships develop in your life, grow spiritually, develop your speaking gifts, write a novel, reduce stress, have a more fulfilling life etc. What is your vision for that? What does that look like for you?

Then comes the fun brainstorming part! Where the life coach facilitates numerous different approaches, ideas, ways, of achieving that goal, tailored to how you as an individual work (or how you as a team work if the coach is working with more that one person) and your values and motivations.

Then a plan is drawn up and scheduled, yes scheduled! It is actually put in the diary with structure, bearing in mind the other areas of life, and people that would have to accommodate that plan. The plan is agreed and it is both the role of the coach to champion and cheer as the client moves forward and also to be an accountability partner to the client to help enable things to stay on track.

There is of course so much a life coach is trained in and learns from experience. Every new client is another chance to learn and grow, and you develop expertise in certain areas as you go on.

The session should be positive without feeling cheesy or forced. You should choose a coach you feel has the skills to assist you. You should feel comfortable with your coach.  And your coach should believe in you! Honesty is essential,  no amount of people pleasing or pressure will enable the type of change people come to me for. Most of us have tried that and found it wanting! You should leave a session with a feeling of possibility, feeling that you've been truly heard and understood and understanding yourself better, having a plan of action you feel excited about and looking forward to sharing with your coach in the next session, all you've achieved.

It is an evolving process. I tailor my sessions to suit the time, budget, needs and requirements of my clients, they are truly peronalised sessions. I won't put clients through a set of bog standard processes but draw upon different tools and approaches depending on the client and their goals and needs.

Life Coaching, done right, is a powerful and wonderful thing to be a part of. I hope this blog has given you a taster of what it might be like. If you'd like to experience it in person do contact me via my website for a free 20 mins, unsalesy chat.

Do comment and ask any questions via this blog.  I would love to have some feed back and know some of your thoughts!

Go forward and make life great. We only have one! Let's make the most of it, be who we can be, and do what we can do while we are here on the earth. And let's do that in a way that brings us fullness of life in every area  - and to those around us!

Sarah x