Outworking Vision and Purpose (Part 1)

One of the best things about working as a Professional Life Coach is getting to see people outwork the vision they have for their lives, and see them walking into their destined purposes.

Having vision plays such a big part of seeing any change take place in life, whether thats at work, in family, in health, finances, mental and physical wellbeing or our spiritual life. It seems so obvious to say, but if you can see something and imagine something you can begin to reach out and make a way towards it.

Defining our vision is so important. Some clients come to Life Coaching because they want to see some kind of change in their lives. They want their lives to be better, more meaningful, more productive, less stressful and overwhelming ,and they are not quite sure how to get their or where to start.

So we start with understanding the current situation. Where re things currently, in the now? To bring solutions to situations you have to identify what isn't working, and in my experience we are very good at doing that, especially in our own lives if we have any sense of self awareness at all!

Then we want to get a vision, an idea, a picture of what we would like our lives to look like. That can be generally in life, or in specific areas. Some clients like Jill come saying, "My whole life is in disorder, I am in debt, I hate my job,I can't get on top of my kids, and I haven't slept a whole night  in months. My house is a mess and I need to find a way out but just can't seem to."

What is the vision Jill had for her own life? That had been suffocated under stress and adverse circumstances that life had thrown at her? She wanted simple things: a better routine for the children so she could get some sleep, a better paid and more fulfilling job, the renovations in the home to be completed, and to rediscover herself. Her vision included peace, some financial security, a more ordered home life, not to be bullied at work, some fresh and inspired direction.

After 6 months of working with her many of these had been successfully achieved. She is getting some sleep, the home is more ordered, she's retraining and has changed her job, and she has rediscovered the woman she was made to be. It started with the vision she had for the life she wanted to live.

Some of our conversations started with what she did not want any more! Thats ok. Sometimes knowing what you don't want is a good indictor and jumping off point.

So ask yourself, what do you NOT want in your life? Debt, stress,an overwhelming yet boring routine,sickness? Now flip that around to what is it you do want then? If you look ahead to the future, what do you want it to look like? What sort of person are you? What kind of skills do you have? What lifestyle would you want? How would you be contributing to the world around you? What do you feel like? How are you around other people?

Vision gives us something to aim for, something to work towards.Every decision towards something, is movement away from something else!

Often we get stuck in our own problems going around and around. Vision setting and brain storming blows fresh air into the cobwebs of that stagnant and unrewarding place we've been stuck in. Human beings are remarkable at finding their way around and through problems , and you can too, no matter how big or insurmountable they seem, or how entrenched they are!

We cannot dictate what happens to us in life. But we can, wherever we find ourselves today, define a vision to create a pathway towards the best we can be, employing the resources that we have around us effectively.

A good Life Coach will help draw vision, possibilities and different ways of looking at your life to open up vision. They will do that in a grounded and realistic way so as not to cheer a client into Polly Anna land, or off along a path that would lead to destruction in an area of life! We look at how different areas of life interrelate and affect each other. Even in something as simple as a change of health and fitness routine for example, might require time, money,and change of diet, which all have to be accounted for.

When we have a clear vision it becomes much easier to bring restraint into play, where that's required. Having a vision gives us a reason and motivation to employ disciplines where they are needed. We have a reason as to why we are denying ourselves. We can do that if we have a purpose and a  vision to employ within our rationale. Vision gives focus, motivation and clarity.

So ask yourself today. Whats' the vision I have for my life, for myself, for my family, for my job, for my contribution to the world, for my health, my finances, my spiritual life. What do I want for my life?

Jill's regained vision of herself and her life."When you lose your sense of self, it occurs over time and on many planes. You don't always notice it happening and this is where my journey with Sarah began. My life feels unrecognisable now as I positively work towards and attain my goals on a daily basis."

Step by step is the key, but it all starts with vision. Whats yours?