Group Life Coaching Workshops

Hi again, lovely blog readers!

I hope your week is going well so far. I had another great Group Life Coaching Workshop at the weekend. This group session was one was about finding your purpose. It was fun, powerful and puposeful, of course! When we were talking a couple of the people attending said they didn't know what to expect form the session when they came. Which was really brave of them to pitch up not being really sure of what was going to happen!

So I thought I'd do a little blog about what a group workshop with me looks like currently. My workshops are small, between 6-8 people, as opposed to the type of talks and workshops that can be done with 100's of people. I will be doing those too in the future and they are great too, but the ones I'm holding currently allow a really personal and personable feel.

They are always based around a particular topic such as 'finding your purpose'. They are held currently at my home where you'll be greeted by huge woofs from my ever on guard shepherds dogs, who will be shut away unless you would like a cuddle. You'll arrive for 10.30am and go home at 12.30pm (in theory, in practise the sessions are always so great that no-one leaves on time and we often run over.)

You'll be introduced to the others in the group, given a drink and possibly something to eat if my daughter has been baking, as well as a pen and some paper.

These are workshops so they are highly interactive and there's thinking and work involved as we go through the session. I will outline the topic and the direction we'll be going in for the morning.

The sessions are highly personalised and I'll use my best judgement, as well as ask you how you'd like to operate during the morning. Professional Life Coaching is all about unearthing things through good questioning and information gathering. As I ask loads and loads and loads of questions and you write down your answers. Its amazing how who you are, the way you operate and function best, where you are in your life, where you want to be emerges before your eyes! You will see yourself clearly and in the best possible way, and be able to draw and build upon that revelation as we go forward!

We will then assess all the information about you that we've gathered. Sometimes people like to work in pairs, or a a group as a whole if the group has gained a trust and ease, which they often do. At times its prudent and ok to work on your own, so no-one need fear you have to expose anything you dont want to. I love being able to see how we go, communciate and let the sessions emerge naturally and easily.

Once we've looked at all the information, there's a time of feedback, and because the groups are small currently I get to work individually with everyone, which I love to do!

We end the session looking at what are the practical steps forward, and plans to earth and outwork what you've learnt. You will go away not just with revelations and understanding, but with furture goals and thoughts, and most important plan to implement. Because as you know,"A vision without a plan is just wishful thinking" Antoine de Saint-Exupery French writer (1900-1944). I am passionate about seeing revelation and vision outworked and earthed, actually seeing things in peoples lives implemneted!

I find these sessions utterly engrossing. There's always alot of fun and laughter and people are always glad to have attended according to the feedback.

"Sarah's group last week was so inspiring. She passionately cares about bringing the best out in you, helping you to recognise who you really are. With her wisdom, kindness and skill, she helped me understand certain patterns of thinking, and gave me the tools to make changes. I honestly can't thank her enough." —Jo

I'll be holding other Group Workshop sessions. Check out my Facebook page or contact me via my website for more information.

Until next time,

Sarah x